The European Union and the new trade order: How to shape globalization?

Conference organized together with Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung as part of the 9th European Day at the University of Economics Prague


First Panel: The EU as a trading power

The changing pattern of trade, multilateral and bilateral relations raises questions how single regions want to pursue further liberalization, how to enhance competitiveness, how to face protectionist tendencies and how should globalization be shaped by the main actors in international trade. This panel will deal with positioning of the EU in current context of further trade liberalization, the challenges and obstacles which is the EU facing.

Second Panel: Europe stronger and more flexible at the same time? How to respond the current challenges?

New political streams, attitudes and views on Europe´s role show that commitment and ratifications of new trade agreements are nothing but easy. However, Europe with its ambitions needs to remain a reliable partner, which can reach its commitments and remain actionable. Are the current processes transparent enough, or what is needed in order to ratify trade agreements?

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Milan Šimůnek