Workshop "Improving the Verification of the Settlement of State and Local Budgets"

Since 2019, under the pillar of Representation and Participation, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Vietnam together with the Finance and Budget Committee of National Assembly has been cooperating to organize a number of nationwide training workshops on State and Local Budget verification. Improving capacity for deputies in verifying the settlement of State and Local Budget is the determination of the NA’s Finance and Budget Committee in boosting the efficiency of overseeing public expenditure; KAS Vietnam takes the honor to support these activities with the belief that the transparent and effective use of public finance is the key for good governance.

This year 2022 we continued cooperating to organize a workshop on 25 November in Nha Trang that gathered more than 100 participants from national levels to grassroots level. It created a forum for:
(i) proposing solutions to improve the quality of verification of state budget and local budget settlement reports,
(ii) preparing for the research, review, and revision of the Law on State Audit, the Law on State Budget and relevant policies and laws on finance - state budget,
(iii) providing information for law-making activities, supervision and verification of state budget and local budget settlements for elected representatives,
(iv) exchanging experience, knowledge and skills to support delegates in budget verification and analysis.

Currently, the National Assembly has the duty to approve the State Budget Settlement after 18 months since the end of fiscal year. At this stage the role of NA delegates is pretty important. Meanwhile, at local level, the Economic-Budget Committees together with other committees of the people’s councils take the responsibility to verify the local budget settlement. Deputies, both at the NA and at people’s councils, are voted every five years so there’s always a demand for training for the newly elected deputies.

This event did not only help sharpen skills of the deputies in verifying State budget settlement; it created forum for provincial participants to exchange difficulties and best practices with colleagues from other provinces. Moreover, inputs of experts and participants would be valuable for revising the Law on State Audit, the Law on State budget and related legal documents on State budget expenditure.

Cooperating with the National Assembly, KAS Vietnam aim to encourage political actors to work for participation, representation and a peaceful, inclusive balance of social interests in Vietnam.