PERISCOPE - Occasional Analysis Paper Series

PERISCOPE Vol. 6 2021: The Era of Hydrogen Economies

Shared Interests by Australia, Germany and Japan

'Periscope' is the Occasional Analysis Paper series of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung’s (Foundation) Regional Programme Australia and the Pacific. Just like the real-world sighting instrument, Periscope is meant as a lens to broaden our insights - taking in views from different angles. This way, it seeks to bring together perspectives from Germany, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region to augment our understanding of contemporary issues and help address the pressing problems of our time. Our Analysis Papers are substantive publications in the form of single-author (and co-authored) contributions or edited volumes with multiple authors. Their thematic focus ranges from in-depth analysis of a single topic to examining an issue or broader phenomenon from different angles.

KAS Australia’s latest edition of its Periscope – Occasional Analysis Paper Series is entitled ‘The Era of Hydrogen Economies’. Australia, Germany and Japan are now taking the lead in a nascent international market for hydrogen. National hydrogen strategies also directly reference policy choices being made elsewhere, and envision an important role for cross-border trade and investment through suppy chain development. You can choose from the following contributions:


Trilateral Dialogue for Hydrogen - Australia, Germany and Japan

Dr Llewelyn Hughes - Associate Professor at the ANU's Crawford School of Public Policy



Dr Llewelyn Hughes, Dr Thomas Longden and Professor Frank Jotzo



Prof Dr Friedbert Pflueger



Professor Masakazu Sugiyama - Professor at the Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology (RCAST), The University of Tokyo


Eva Wagner

Eva Wagner

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