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Periscope Podcast Series Episode #1/22

KAS Australia proudly presents the first edition of its new Periscope Podcast Series. The podcasts are meant to raise your awareness and broaden your understanding of current affairs in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. Delivered in the format of ‘3 questions, 3 answers’, we will quiz experts in their field for you.

Periscope Podcast #1/22 features Dr Robert Glasser – Head of the Centre for Climate and Security Policy of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute. Founded in 2020, the Centre recently produced and published – with KAS Australia’s support – a research report on The geopolitics of climate and security in the Indo-Pacific | Australian Strategic Policy Institute | ASPI.

In the podcast, Dr Glasser explains why everyone should be interested in climate change related security risks, what is meant by the connectedness of the risks and how the research relates to Germany and the European Union.



Juliane Strache

Juliane Strache

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