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1st Australian-German 1.5 Track Cyber Security Dialogue

by Katja Theodorakis

"Mapping the Field: The New Ecology of Cyber Security Challenges"

This inaugural conference brought together leading policy makers, government officials, business leaders and academic experts from Germany and Australia to discuss the most pressing cyber security challenges, and to identify areas for bilateral cooperation in cyber space.

In cooperation with the Department of Security Studies and Criminology at Macquarie University, we brought together a group of policy-makers, academic experts and representatives from the private sector to share perspectives, open up avenues for discussion and identify areas for cooperation in this increasingly important area. Titled “Mapping the Field: The New Ecology of Cyber Security Challenges”, the dialogue was opened by Australia’s Ambassador for Cyber Affairs, Dr. Tobias Feakin. Over two days, a delegation of German cyber professionals and government representatives met with Australian counterparts to discuss the most pressing challenges and opportunities in cyber space. In particular, the conference addressed crucial aspects of contemporary cybersecurity challenges, ranging from the geopolitical level and questions about the shifting global order and international cyber norms to military cyber operations, private sector/industry perspectives, as well as the challenges of building the cyber workforce of the future.

As was highlighted during the conference, this is an area where collaborative frameworks are needed to move into the future.The 1.5 track space is a unique avenue for fostering meaningful cooperation as it allows for developing ideas among experts from the academic and think tank world, private sector stakeholders, policy makers and government representatives. It is of course difficult to sum up two intensive conference days, but if we had to distill the great discussions and exchanges into a few key take-aways, one would certainly be the shared recognition that the challenge of cybersecurity requires interconnected, holistic perspectives and approaches. Germany and Australia are well-positioned to take these discussions further in order to build strong partnerships in this area.

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Katja Theodorakis

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Senior Programme Coordinator Research and Analysis
Foreign and Security Policy

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