Event Reports

Australian-German Dialogue on Asia

by Katja Theodorakis
In cooperation with the College of Asia and the Pacific at the ANU we conducted for the first time a conference to address the challenges and opportunities offered by the ever-evolving geographical, economic and strategic space of Asia.

This academic conference brought together Australian and German experts on Asia. The aim was to exchange perspectives on future trends, trajectories and themes that will be of relevance for both countries and their interests in the region. Particular topics of discussion were ASEAN, regional cooperation, challenges in the Indo-Pacific, maritime security as well as religious extremism in South East Asia.

with Prof. Michael Wesley, Prof. Rory Medcalf, Dr. Stephan Frühling, Prof. John Blaxland, Dr. Sarah Kirchberger, Dr. Gudrun Wacker, Prof. Patrick Köllner, Prof. Jörn Dosch, Prof. Christopher Schuck et al.

Contact Person

Katja Theodorakis