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Local elections in Albania

The Socialist Party wins most municipalities in Albania's local elections. The opposition accuses the party of electoral fraud.

On 14 May, new mayors and municipal councils were elected throughout Albania. The majority of mayoral posts were won by the Socialist Party of Prime Minister Edi Rama. The coalition "Bashkë Fitojmë" of Sali Berisha and Ilir Meta could only win a few smaller municipalities, the Democrats under Enkelejd Alibeaj none.

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Almost 3.6 million Albanians were called upon to elect their mayors and city councillors in 61 municipalities in the country Sunday last week. However, only 1.4 million people exercised their right to vote. By winning 53 mayoral offices, the Socialists were able to further consolidate their position of power in the country. The Democratic Party, which had boycotted the last local elections in 2019, contested separately this time due to internal strife. Only the joint coalition of Sali Berisha (Democratic Party) and Ilir Meta (Freedom Party) was able to win city hall in seven municipalities. The officially registered Democratic Party won only a few mandates in the municipal councils. While things remained mostly calm on election day, there were accusations of electoral fraud and vote buying, as in the previous elections.

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Country Reports
Reuters / Gleb Garanich
February 24, 2023
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