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Internship with Center for Democratic Development, CDD Ghana

CDD Ghana is looking for interns to work with. The Center for Democratic Development is a highly recommended NGO, based in Accra, Ghana.

Ghana Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana)

Position: Internship (Non-Remunerative)

Background: CDD-Ghana is an independent, nonpartisan and nonprofit research-based and policy-oriented think tank in Accra Ghana. Founded in 1998, it is dedicated to the promotion of democracy, good governance and the development of a liberal political and economic environment in Ghana in and Africa. CDD-Ghana seeks to enhance the democratic content of public policy and to advance the cause of constitutionalism, individual liberty, the rule of law and integrity in public life. Further information can be found at

Job Description: The focus of the intern’s work will be researching issues relating to democracy and elections, human rights, and anti-corruption. The intern will also be expected to assist the Supervisor in supporting other CDD-Ghana initiatives, such as conceptualizing and writing research proposals on relevant themes, and drafting research reports and journal articles. The intern will also be expected to conduct substantial independent research and draft comprehensive reports. He or she will also participate in the review and editing of reports at later stages of the publication process.

Desired Skills:

Strong time-management and organizational skills

Independent work ethic

Excellent research and policy analysis skills

Capacity to adapt to changing priorities

Some knowledge on African governance policy issues is desirable, but is not required.

Flexibility and a sense of adventure – especially an ability to conduct high level work in occasionally somewhat difficult conditions.

Location: Accra, Ghana

Number of Positions: 1

Period: all over the year, at least three months (with some flexibility on either end)