Country Reports

Who will succeed Anastasiadis?

by Marian Wendt, Vasilis Karydas-Yfantis

Cyprus before the election

A divided island forever? A new president is elected in Cyprus. The result could bring new momentum to the solution of the Cyprus issues. An overview.

Cyprus is at a crossroad: it is electing a president. What is certain is that after 10 years of the presidency of Nikos Anastasiadis (DISY), the country is entering a new political period in which there are many challenges and urgent problems to be solved: The unresolved Cyprus problem, the existing corruption, reforms in the economy and public administration, the establishment of sustainable development, the reduction of migratory pressures, the exploration of gas fields, etc. The day after presidential elections there will be a big gap and an open debate about the legacy of Anastasiades. Who will oppose him? Who will manage to find a majority in parliament and form a government that will tackle the major challenges and the solution of the Cyprus problem? Cyprus is closer and more important for Europe and Germany than it seems.


The full-length publication is only available in German.


Marian Wendt

Head of the Greece and Cyprus Office