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Can the European Political Community be a bridge between the UK and the EU?

By Luigi Scazzieri

This policy brief is the first of a three paper CER/KAS project, 'Shared Values, Common Challenges - UK European Security Co-operation after the War in Ukraine.' This paper focuses on the European Political Community, while the other two will focus on defence capabilities and China policy respectively.

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This policy brief, the first in the CER-KAS series “Shared Values, Common Challenges - UK-European Security Co-operation after the War in Ukraine”, assesses the EPC’s potential to foster closer UK-EU ties.

Can the EPC create new channels of communication and lead to closer relations?

Can it function as a forum to address shared challenges?

What kind of structure should the EPC have to be as effective as possible as a forum for co-operation?

And what are the main barriers to the EPC’s success as a UK-EU bridge?

The brief concludes that the EPC can help rebuild trust between the UK and the EU, promote closer dialogue and serve as a forum for Europe and the UK to discuss shared challenges, particularly relating to security, and potentially serve as an incubator for concrete co-operation projects.

However, much depends on the EPC’s evolution, which will be influenced by many factors other than UK-EU relations. 

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