Political Islam in Israel: A View from Within

A conference of KAS together with its program for Jewish-Arab Cooperation at the Tel Aviv University


The Islamic Movement strengthened its status as a leading social and political force in Arab society. Public opinion polls show that the rate of identification with the Islamic Movement is high and the Muslim public in Israel believe that religion has a vital role in shaping the Arab public space. Where does it go from here?

Participants: Mr. Ibrahim Hejazi, Head of Political Department of the Islamic Movement, Qadi Dr. Iyad Zahalka, Prof. Meir Hatina, Dr. Mohanad Mustafa, Dr. Salwa Aleinat, Dr. Itamar Radai, Mr. Arik Rudnitzky.

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Drachlis Auditorium (room no. 496 – 4th floor),Gilman Building, Faculty of Humanities, Tel Aviv University


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