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COVID19-Multi-Country Study Research Results

The world is changing rapidly. More rapidly than we have ever experienced. Every country is under a similar threat of the COVID-19 pandemic. Each country is responding differently and the rate of infection and mortality rates differ from country to country. We know what the Governments are doing and this survey helps us understand what people in each country think about it.
COVID19-KAS Public Opinion Research Results download

Measuring the Attitudes of Citizens in Israel, Palestinian Authority, Germany, United States, United Kingdom, Italy, and Poland Towards Coronavirus / COVID-19

Questions asked:

·   Are people more optimistic or pessimistic?
·    Do they know someone with Coronavirus?
·    Do they think they might get it?
·    Do they have confidence in their healthcare system?
·    Do they support or oppose their leader’s response?
·    Are they more concerned with their personal health or finances?
·    Do they have more or less faith in God?
·    Is the worst behind us or yet to come?
·    Will the post-Coronavirus world be better or worse?