Country Reports

Cambodian Employment and Labor Law

This Khmer-edition of the textbook on the Labor Law of Cambodia is part of the ongoing effort to provide students, professors, lawyers, judges, arbitrators and other interested parties with an authoritative textbook on the labor law of Cambodia, based on an analysis of the relevant provisions of the labor law, implementing regulations and additional background materials. For the first time awards of the Arbitration Council and judgments of the civil courts are discussed as well. The text will focus on the labor laws and practices in other countries.

You can download the directory and the introduction of this publication in Khmer as a pdf-file from this webpage. The full text of the publication in Khmer may be obtained from the office of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Phnom Penh. An English language version is available at the Community Legislation Education Center (CLEC) in Phnom Penh.