Consultative Meeting on Curriculum Revision for the Department of Media and Communication (DMC)

The Workshop aims at discussing challenges and perspectives for including thematic specializations for students and starting a fee based bachelor with relevant stakeholders.


During a one-day Workshop, representatives of KAS, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) the Royal University of Phnom Penh and the DMC will jointly discuss the challenges and perspectives of the department and its curriculum.

The media landscape has changed radically in recent years. This is due to the fast development of technology – such as the internet and social media – as well as market forces and globalization. The perspective of ASEAN integration is an additional factor which will shape the future media in Cambodia.

So far, the DMC already offers a thoughtful curriculum that anticipates the varied practices within the media realm – journalism, marketing, advertising, TV/Radio production and public relations. The department however, needs to update its curriculum to recognize the profound changes in media and communication with the advent internet and social media. In addition it needs to focus on future employability opportunities in different areas of media and communication. This requires the possibility for students for a clear academic specialization, which would enable them to receive in depth knowledge and analytical skills.

The benefits of the ability to develop a specific area of expertise are:

  1. Strengthening the reputation of DMC graduates as Cambodia´s new leading generation in the field of journalism, media production, communication and PR
  2. Supporting international mobility for the DMC students (master degree)
  3. Best quality assurance and recognition in a regional framework (ASEAN)
The main objectives of the Workshop are to collect ideas and feedback from different experts/stakeholders on the feasible implementation of next steps, to collect experiences and to discuss solutions for the department’s challenges.

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