Thesis Defence at DMC

Department of Media & Communication

Students of the 6th graduating class of the DMC will introduce their final thesis to a public forum on the 15th - 16th of June 2010.


Every year 30 students are permitted to study at the renowned Department of Media and Communication, having a degree of journalism in their mind and a job at a Cambodian Media Institute in sight. The students, who are very well qualified become professionals at the big national newspapers, TV stations or leave Cambodia for a master course at international universities.

That in itself demonstrates convincing educational quality delivered at the DMC, one of the partners of the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation in Cambodia. Since 2001, the DMC is the first and only media institute offering degrees in journalism and other media. The support towards the DMC assures quality improvements of the national media, pledges for freedom of the press, of word and mind.

The topics the graduating students have chosen were altogether aiming at social hot spots of the country, showing conflicts and problems of the Cambodian society: declining cultural heritage, traumatized Khmer Rouge survivors, land conflicts, reconciliation, denied people’s participation. But also the more global topics were in focus: climate change and economy. Most of the thesis projects, both being radio and TV productions, will be publicly screened, the majority of which has already been on air.

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