Civic Education towards Participatory Democratic Governance in Kenya

Enhancing Citizens’ Awareness on Devolved Governance and Avenues of Participation

The constitution has fundamentally altered the governance framework through various reforms. Many Kenyans are yet to connect with this system. The workshop aims at enhancing people’s awareness of avenues of participation created through devolution.


The workshop aims at contributing to the establishment of an informed citizenry, actively and responsibly participating in the processes of democratic governance in Kenya.

Kenya promulgated a new constitution in 2010 that encourages consensus among different interests in society, equity for all, public participation, effective and efficient responsibility and accountability of state institutions. Kenyan masses are yet to connect with this system. As for now, the principles of people-driven and democratic processes of governance have not been attained.

The most progressive reform in the constitution is the provision of a devolved system of governance. Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in cooperation with Catholic Justice and Peace Commission carries out the workshop with the aim of conveying knowledge on devolution and its importance, as well as promoting meaningful citizen participation to ensure transparency and better service delivery leading to good governance.

It is imperative to have effective civic education that enables Kenyans to understand their rights, the meaning of leadership and integrity, the electoral process and the governance system at all levels. With this knowledge they will be better equipped to engage in the governance process beyond elections by meaningfully participating in the county governments created by the devolution.

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Beatrice Rachuonyo