Is Lebanon heading towards stagflation?

On the 27th September 2018, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and the Kataeb Party are organizing a conference titled “Is Lebanon heading towards stagflation?”, bringing together experts and economic stakeholders to discuss the rising fear of stagflation.


The Lebanese economy is currently in a difficult situation and hammered by the political crisis. Inflation is up +7.60% yoy, GDP growth barely exceeds 1.5% and the unemployment rate is at record high with a rate of 35%. Despite this situation, Lebanon’s private sector, mainly family businesses and SMEs (which represent 95% of the private sector) are surviving, driven by the determination of the Lebanese and by the local aspect of their institutions.

The event follows up on four round tables organized by KAS Lebanon and the Kataeb Party in 2017 covering road traffic, networks and infrastructure, Lebanon’s access to WTO, education and vocational education as well as decentralization. The results of these papers will now be discussed in light of the current economic situation in Lebanon, following the CEDRE conference and a rising fear of stagflation in Lebanon, voiced in many studies and articles published lately about the country. The round table will gather Lebanese experts from all economic and financial fields, as well as activists, civil society organizations and policy makers to discuss this issue.

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Kataeb Party Headquarters
Charles Helou Avenue, Saifi,