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60 Tahun Ekonomi Pasaran Sosial

by Dr. Christian L. Glossner

Pembentukan, Pembangunan dan Perspektif Formula Keamanan

This is the Malaysian language translation of the "60 Years of Social Market Economy: Formation, Development and Perspectives of a Peacemaking Formula" with an extra article by Muhamed Aslam Haneef about the Islamic Economic Model in the context of the Social Market Economy.

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Muhammad Ashraf Khalid

Muhammad Zihni Khalid

Ammar Gazali


Institut Kajian Dasar (IKD)

1-35, Jalan Okid 1F

Seksyen BS1, Bukit Sentosa

48300 Rawang



Table of contents


Introduction by Khalid Jaafar

The Making of the German Post-War Economy

Christian L. Glossner

On the Economic Ethics of Walter Eucken

Manuel Wörsdörfer

Emil Brunner’s Social and its Reception in Ordoliberal Circles

Tim Petersen

The Role of the Market and the Government in the Economy: A Look at the Islamic Economic Model in Comparison to the Social Market Economy of Germany

Mohamed Aslam Haneef

Advancing the Notion of a Social Market Economy: Concepts for a Renewal of Ordo-liberalism from the Perspective of Integrative Economic Ethics

Alexander Lorch

The Social Economy at Sixty: Path Dependence and Path Changes

Lothar Funk

Free Collective Bargaining: Support Column or Crumbling Pillar of the Social Market Economy

Hagen Lesch

Social Security Systems in the Market Economy: Between the Poles of Social Policy and Market Forces?

Christine Wolfgramm | Ines Läufer

Old Wine in New Skins? Economic Policy Challenges for the Social Economy in a Globalized World

Bodo Herzog

Addressing the Marketing Problem of the Social Market Economy

Marcus Marktanner

The Social Economy in Eastern Europe – an underestimated option?

Marc Stegherr

The Importance of the State for Climate Protection in a Social Market Economy

Ekkehard A. Köhler | Andreas Hoffmann

The Financial and Economic Crises: A Threat to the Social Market Economy?

David Gregosz

The Authors

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