Expert conference

6th Malaysian-German Security Dialogue

This is a closed-door security conference that aims to bring together experts and decision-makers from Malaysia and Germany to discuss about current security issues and develop strategies to improve bilateral and regional security cooperation.



  • To review and discuss current security risks from the perspectives of Germany and Malaysia, and reach a clearer understanding of those issues.

  • To offer ideas and possible conflict resolutions to those security risks.

  • A platform for the security experts and decision-makers from Malaysia and Germany to network and form possible bi-lateral cooperation.

  • To bring the overall dialogue of the conference into a wider regional context of Europe and South East Asia.

  • To foster closer ties between the governments of Malaysia and Germany.

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Majestic Hotel, Kuala Lumpur


Wolfgang Hruschka †

MGSD - Dato' Steven and Mr
MGSD - Session 2
MGSD - Session 7