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Social Capital: Leading in a Networked World

Asian Management Conference & Exhibition 2014

Social capital is derived from personal, professional, business and employees' networks. It encompasses various communities within these networks and forms connections that significantly affects the value and quality of society.

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In a networked economy, enhancing social capital increases access to value creation. The topics that will be discussed are the following:

  • The future is social: why social capital matters

  • Social capital as a source of innovation in the business world

  • Getting and keeping the best: engaging the net generation

  • Rethinking HR - a leader's perspective

  • Future talent and social capital - a virtuous circle

  • Crowdsourcing: reshaping the talent ecosystem & business landscape

  • Reshaping the corporate talent pool by unlocking female leadership

  • Creating dynamic innovation ecosystems: relational capital, shared vision and leadership

  • Building the social capital of your network

  • The psychology of social capital: power, group dynamics & competitive instincts

  • The impact of changing human mindsets

  • Developing the social capital of your network: seven steps for success

  • Problem solving for innovation & creativity: practical strategies for social capital challenges

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Kuala Lumpur


Jan Senkyr

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