Expert conference

The 18th Malaysian Education Summit 2014

Changing Priorities and Changing Trends: Transforming Malaysian Education

The summit is organised by ASLI and committed to the discussion of current key education issues in Malaysia among all the stakeholders such as the government, teachers, educationists, education providers and NGOs. KAS is supporting the event.



  • Transforming Malaysian education in the 21st century

  • School-based assessment - issues and challenges

  • Improving teaching quality in Malaysian schools

  • Parent's role in ensuring quality education

  • Vice-Chancellor roundtable - upgrading quality to meet rapid changes

  • 21st century technologies for education

  • Improving the ranking of Malaysian universities

  • Life-long education in a knowledge economy

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Petaling Jaya


  • YB Dato' Seri Idris bin Jusoh
    • Minister of Education II

      Jan Senkyr

      Jan Senkyr bild

      Director Indonesia & Timor-Leste / Acting head of the KAS office in Malaysia +62 21 7590-9411 / -9414
      Vice-Chancellor Roundtable ASLI Education Summit