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The first WhatsApp newspaper for the African continent

An opportunity born out of a crisis with the help of the three KAS scholars in Johannesburg.
The Continent
KAS Media Africa Director, Christoph Plate with KAS scholars Aanu Adeoye, Adbul Brima and Amindeh Blaise Atabong

It's called "The Continent", consists of 24 pages and was first published on April 18. The newspaper, which is distributed on WhatsApp, is aimed at the Anglophone audience in Africa and also reports on the coronavirus crisis. Foreign Editor, Simon Allison, with his South African weekly newspaper "Mail & Guardian", publishes articles that go beyond national borders: Abdul Brima writes about the lessons Sierra Leone learnt from the  Ebola epidemic and Aanu Adeoye explains how the Nigerian political elite is confronted with the realities of national health care for the first time. Along with their Cameroonian fellow scholar, Amindeh Blaise Atabong, the three KAS scholars work on the "The Continent". They are experienced journalists in their respective home countries and are now studying at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg towards a Master's degree in International Journalism. But currently, the campus is closed, and their lectures are being held digitally. Faced with the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown in South Africa, Foreign Editor Simon Allison has found a way to take "The Continent" beyond the closed national borders. "The efforts of the three A’s -Aanu, Amindeh and Abdul - made this possible," he says The international response has been overwhelming, with orders for free subscriptions ranging from Kenya to Nigeria. There have even been inquiries from the United States and Malaysia.