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Useful Media Handbooks and Guides

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Media Law Handbook

KAS Media Africa

In this e-book we unpack the internationally-developed standards and best practise models of democratic media regulation. We look at universally-agreed norms for democratic media regulation generally, democratic broadcasting regulation and for imposing restrictions upon or otherwise regulating media content. We also look at almost all of the countries in SADC (“the Southern African Development Community”) on a country-by-country basis to identify and analyse each country’s media laws. Additional chapters to follow.

Investigative Journalist Manual

KAS Media Africa

With these Investigative Journalism Manuals, we make the necessary skills and tools available to investigative journalists currently practicing their craft, and to the many that will hopefully follow their trailblazing path. Crucially, its content has been produced by African journalists, and the case studies used reflect the continent’s reality.

Entrepreneurial Journalism Handbook

KAS Media Program South East Europe

This handbook is for journalists who want to become self-employed and develop their own business model on the Internet. It explains the basics of online journalism, production of websites, as well as ethical aspects of journalism on the web. The handbook also gives advise for strategic market analysis and the development of online platforms.


Story-Based Inquiry: A manual for investigative journalists


This manual provides a guide to basic methods and techniques of investigative journalism. It focuses on the hypothesis-based inquiry approach, which takes the basic assumption that a story is only a hypothesis until verified. The methods and skills applying to every step of the investigative process, from conception to research, writing, quality control and dissemination, have been thoroughly analyzed and are well illustrated by case studies in each chapter.

CPJ - Journalist Security Guide

Committee to Protect Journalists

This guide details what journalists need to know in a new and changing world. It is aimed at local and international journalists of varied levels of experience. The guide outlines basic preparedness for new journalists taking on their first assignments around the world, offers refresher information for mid-career journalists returning to the field, and provides advice on complex issues such as digital security and threat assessment for journalists of all experience levels.


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