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E-lection Bridge Africa - South by Southeast

Political Communication 2.0 in Mozambique

In close cooperation with KAS Maputo, the regional media programme takes the successful model of E-lection Bridge Africa on the road: Experienced facilitators will work with the democratic forces on modern political communication in Beira.

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Beira / Mozambique


  • Daniel Walter (CMFD Productions)
    • Markus Brauckmann (KAS Media Africa)


      Stories, videos, photos, and new horizons: KAS E-lection Bridge - South by Southeast in Beira, Mozambique
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      Markus Brauckmann

      Markus Brauckmann bild

      Head of the Regional Media Programme Sub-Sahara Africa

      Event Reports
      May 6, 2011
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      Lutero Simango beim Interview KAS

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