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Highway Africa

Leading Gathering Of African Journalists - with support of KAS Media Africa

Highway Africa has over the years become the largest annual gathering of African journalists in the world with its blend of research, training, development, and conference. The 2011 theme: African Media and Global Sustainability Challenge.

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Cape Town / South Africa


  • Janis Karklins (Assistant Director-General
    • Communication and Information Sector
      • UNESCO)
        • William Bird (Media Monitoring Africa)
          • Izak Minnar (SABC)
            • Paula Fray u.v.m.


              "A milestone and a highlight": Highway Africa and PACAI: The media siblings from Cape Town
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              Markus Brauckmann

              Markus Brauckmann bild

              Head of the Regional Media Programme Sub-Sahara Africa

              Moderator William Bird vor CTF-Logo M&G/KAS Media Africa

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