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Social Media and Journalism Conference

With the increasing internet availability in Africa, social media has become more and more important. For the first time, KAS Media Africa is hosting an international conference with social media activists and bloggers from Sub-Saharan Africa.

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The internet has the ability of connecting people from around the world, allowing them to communicate and exchange their thoughts and ideas. This is precisely what the conference in Nairobi wants to facilitate. It aims at bringing together bloggers and social media activists and to provide a platform for exchange between the participants.

How can public awareness be raised for the important role of blogs and social media? How can quality be secured and assured? Why are journalistic standards still relevant in new media surroundings? What are successful marketing strategies? These and other questions will be discussed in workshops and panels with the South African digital media educator and social media expert Dave Duarte.

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Nairobi, Kenya


  • Dave Duarte
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