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M-Dem Workshop

Mobile Political Communication in the Region

Mobile phones are changing political communication in Africa. At the M-Dem Workshop, experts and Regional Political Party Representatives will discuss what a "Toolbox" for mobile communication with members and supporters might look like.


Media Training and Strategy in the Election Year

Political Communication in rural Ghana

After the successfully implemented "E-lection Bridge Africa West" in February 2012 KAS Media Africa continues to work together with political communicators from different regions in Ghana. The event addresses members of the democratic opposition.


Investigative Journalism & Local Television

Opening session 2012 – Part 1 of 5: Training for TV journalists

With this event KAS Media Africa continues the successful cooperation with the independent local television station Soweto TV in 2012. The goal remains the same: to strengthen the use of investigative journalism’s instruments in the TV sector.


E-lection Bridge Africa West

Political Communication in Ghana

Connecting to the voter - that key challenge lies at the heart of the KAS Media Africa seminar with members of the opposition in Ghana. Coach Heather Thuynsma will cover the theoretical framemwork as well as conduct an in-depth training on camera.


African Media Leaders Forum (AMLF)

The continent’s premier marketplace for media owners

The African Media Leaders Forum is the largest and most important market place for media owners on the continent. In Tunis more than 200 first-rate media leaders meet to exchange ideas about technology, business models and the content of the future.

Expert conference

Power Reporting: the African Investigative Journalism Conference 2011

Regional conference in Johannesburg

Regional and international journalists meet in Johannesburg for Africa's leading conference in the field of investigative journalism. One top priority this year: climate change and energy issues, supported by KAS Media Africa.


E-lection Bridge Africa East

Political Communication in Tanzania und Kenya - in close cooperation with KAS in Dar and Nairobi

The successful KAS Media Africa initiative "E-lection Bridge Africa" continues its activities in the region with a communication training for members of the democratic opposition in Dar and a multi-party web tv workshop in Nairobi.


Highway Africa

Leading Gathering Of African Journalists - with support of KAS Media Africa

Highway Africa has over the years become the largest annual gathering of African journalists in the world with its blend of research, training, development, and conference. The 2011 theme: African Media and Global Sustainability Challenge.


Investigative Journalism "on the road" - lusophone edition in Maputo

Regional workshop with journalists from Angola and Mozambique

Our popular "Investigative Journalism Manual" serves as a departure point for journalists in the region: At the seminar in Maputo, the lusophone edition will be introduced to a group of journalists from Mozambique and Angola.


E-lection Bridge Africa - South by Southeast

Political Communication 2.0 in Mozambique

In close cooperation with KAS Maputo, the regional media programme takes the successful model of E-lection Bridge Africa on the road: Experienced facilitators will work with the democratic forces on modern political communication in Beira.

KAS Media Africa Launches “Why Journalism – Stories from News Reporters in Africa”

14 journalists tell why they chose the profession despite all odds

In May, KAS Media Africa launched in Johannesburg, South Africa, an anthology of stories written by journalists from across the African continent. These journalists explain why they do what they do, despite the fact that they could look for greener pastures with fewer threats and better working hours.

KAS Media Africa Local Journalism Award Winners for 2022 Visit Local Newsrooms in Germany

Prizewinners show that local journalism is alive in Africa

That local journalism has a future, was the slogan, that the three winners of the KAS Media Africa Award for Local journalism 2022 heard while on their prize-winning trip to Germany.

KAS Media Africa Conference on Media and Insurgency Held on the Historical Island of Gorée, Dakar

Senior Media Practitioners Meet to Discuss the Position and Role of the Media in the Conversation about Insurgency

In March 2023, KAS Media returned to Gorée Island to host a conference about the threat of terrorism on the African continent and the role of the fourth estate in covering the apparent increase of insurgency in various regions. 10 senior journalists from countries including Kenya, South Africa, Mali, Senegal and Nigeria gathered to share the experiences of their particular communities and the way in which media covers insurgency.


Senior Business Editors Attend Business Journalism Conference in Lusaka, Zambia

Deliberations on Challenges of Being a Business Reporter and Illustrating Business Journalism in Africa

In February 2023, KAS Media Africa hosted its second Business Journalism Conference in Lusaka, Zambia. In attendance were 14 participants from Angola, Ethiopia, Germany, Malawi, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Three African Local Journalists win KAS Media Africa Award for Local Journalism

The award winners expose grievances in Africa with their reportages

Local journalism is very important for many African media. News from the immediate environment creates a bond between readers and listeners and a newspaper or radio station. It is all the more surprising that many local journalists are poorly paid, their work is hardly valued by many publishers and they often face hostility from local dignitaries about whom they report critically.


Newsroom Managers from Across the African Continent Meet to Share Experiences and Gain Insight

In November 2022, KAS Media Africa and the Graduate School of Media and Communications (GSMC) at the Aga Khan University conducted their first conflict management in newsrooms course held in Nairobi, Kenya. 15 Newsroom managers from Zimbabwe, Uganda, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, The Gambia, Rwanda and Malawi, beat out over 150 applicants from the continent to be part of the first cohort of the course.

How to rejuvenate Public Service Broadcasting in Africa KAS Media Africa Conference in Addis Ababa

Experts from across Africa meet to discuss challenges and opportunities in public Service Broadcasting

Public Service Broadcasters (PSBs) have resources, they are heard nationwide and they have well trained journalists, says Joseph Warungu, formerly of the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation, later of the BBC, where for years he was the head of the famous Focus on Africa magazine.

African Fact-checkers on KAS-Dialogue Programme in Berlin and Brussels

KAS Media Africa Supports African Fact-Checkers as they Meet Colleagues in Berlin and Brussels

That dialogue with social networks seems to be as difficult in Europe as it is in Africa, was one of the findings that fact-checkers from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Ghana and Senegal made on a recent KAS-study tour to Berlin and Brussels in late August 2022.

KAS Media Africa at IPI-World Congress in New York

KAS Media Africa joined journalists from across the world in New York in September 2022

KAS Media Africa participated at the 72nd International Press Institute (IPI) World Congress with Motunrayo Alaka of the Wole Soyinka Centre for Investigative Journalism in Lagos, Nigeria and Nwabisa Makunga of the Sowetan in South Africa as speakers.

International Press Institute – Africa Mission 2022

KAS Media Africa supports the IPI on a fact-finding mission to Botswana, Mozambique and South Africa

IPI delegation and KAS Media Africa team visit southern Africa to assess and report back on the state of press freedom in the region.