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Book Launch in Addis Ababa

“How African Economies Work – A Guide to Business and Economics Reporting”

KAS Media Africa launched its Guide to Business and Economics Reporting in November 2019 in the Ethiopian capital.

Lecturers from ten different universities on the African continent had worked for the last two years on the development of Business Journalism Curricula at their institutions in countries like Nigeria, Zimbabwe or Namibia.  Under the guidance of Professor Nixon Kariithi, a Kenyan-South African expert on business journalism, they also produced the compendium “How African Economies Work – A Guide to Business and Economics Reporting”, a 220-page handbook, which will find its way into university libraries and newsrooms in Africa.

The Deputy German Ambassador to Ethiopia, Matthias Schauer, praised the value of the book at the launch on the 16th floor of the Getfam Hotel and Editor Nixon Kariithi emphasized that for a long time such a publication seemed to be missing.

The book is available from KAS Media Africa and can be downloaded under this link:

How African Economies Work

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