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Conference of KAS Media Africa in Addis Ababa

In Ethiopia, the new Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has initiated a reform course. The work of the media is also to be reorganised so that censorship stops.

At the invitation of KAS's Sub-Saharan Africa media programme, Ethiopian academics, publishers and bloggers met with German media experts in Addis Ababa in mid-February. Representatives of the State Institute for Communication in Stuttgart, the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection in Berlin, the German Press Council and the Federal Press Conference discussed with Ethiopian colleagues the mechanisms by which freedom of the press is guaranteed in Germany. 
“This is very exciting and we let ourselves be inspired by the German way,” explained Teddy Woudneh, professor of journalism at the University of Addis Ababa. And Christoph Plate, head of KAS Media Africa added that KAS would be happy to support the new beginning in the Ethiopian media landscape with its expertise.

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