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New KAS book on political communication trends

by Darija Fabijanić
Authors from the public sector, the EU and political parties describe challenges for citizen dialogue

"Reconnecting with citizens – from values to big data: Communication of governments, the EU and political parties in times of populism and filter bubbles" is the title of the latest book published by the KAS Media Program South East Europe. It provides insights into state-of-the-art of communication processes and best practices of governments, political parties and the European Union.

Authors like Angelina Eichhorst and Michael Mann (European External Action Service) as well as Mario Voigt and Roland Heintze (both CDU) discuss new strategic approaches for citizen communication in the EU and for election campaigns of political parties.

Other prominent authors such as Alex Aiken and Erik den Hoedt, Heads of Communications of the British and Dutch government, underline the importance to integrate communication and policy-making in order to communicate decisions more effectively. Moreover, they explain the paradigm shift in communications brought about by globalisation and social media.

Further experts examine the cooperation with civil society actors, address the issue of how to frame a political debate, and discuss the situation of political communications in South East Europe. The book also contains a portrait of Europe’s first professional association for government spokespersons, SEECOM, based in Budva (Montenegro). SEECOM has been co-founded by the KAS Media Program South East Europe.

"Governments and political parties in South East Europe are facing major challenges due to deep technological and societal changes. For a long time communication departments focused their work on traditional media. Now it is necessary to rethink old habits and broaden the PR mix", says Christian Spahr, Head of KAS Media Program South East Europe. "Next to the political systems, communication processes are becoming more democratic, which leads to more transparency and a more authentic dialogue with citizens and voters."

The book is available for download here.