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International Conference "Disinformation in Southeast Europe"

„Blurring the Truth – Disinformation in Southeast Europe“

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The Media Programme for South East Europe, in cooperation with the Sofia Security Forum and the Association of European Journalists - Bulgaria, is organising an international conference on "Disinformation in South East Europe" - in Sofia, Bulgaria on 4 April 2023. The conference will address the state of disinformation in Southeast Europe, the main actors, and the most widespread narratives in this field. Other topics will include how journalists deal with fake news, finding countermeasures and building resilience and strategies against disinformation. In addition, Dr Christopher Nehring, guest lecturer of the KAS Media Programme at Sofia University, will talk about disinformation in metaverse and DeepFakes.

The event will feature the launch of the latest book of the KAS Media Programme, titled "Blurring the Truth – Disinformation in Southeast Europe", which includes analyses from eleven countries.

Attendance is free of charge. For organisational reasons, registration in advance is required:

Here you will find the program for download: Agenda - Disinformation in Southeast Europe.pdf

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Sofia, Bulgarien