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Water Diplomacy in Central Asia – Institutions, Culture & the Role of the EU
Central Asia is a focus area of the international water community. What’s the impact of culture and identity on transboundary water governance? Where can the EU come in?
Listen to #PodKAS – Bridging Voices
Stand with Belarus
In this #PodKAS episode, we review in detail the current political and economic situation in Belarus. A valuable update for understanding the contemporary situation in the country.
Listen to #PodKAS – Bridging Voices
Water diplomacy in the Himalayas - what role for the EU?
What are the chances of setting up-wide region-wide cooperation mechanism in the Himalayas?
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Autocracy versus Democracy: Who is doing more to protect the climate?
MDPD KAS in Brussels is happy to share with you our 2nd #MDPD Briefs on climate change, climate protection, climate policies and environment.

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