The struggle with Jihadism in the Mediterranean and the EU

The event analyzes the regional situation of Jihadist movements in the Mediterranean and the EU. It focuses on drivers of extremism in the countries and asks how to effectively counter a growing jihadist threat related to youth radicalization.

09.00Registration of participants

09.30Opening by

Sabina Woelkner, Programme Director, Multinational Development Policy Dialogue, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Brussels

Dr Thomas Renard, Senior Research Fellow, The Egmont Institute

Keynote by Gilles de Kerchove d’Ousselghem, EU Counter-Terrorism Coordinator, Council of the European Union

10.00Panel discussion - The struggle with jihadism between countering and preventing

Emna Ben Arab, Assistant Professor at the University of Sfax, Tunisia

Dr Can Kasapoglu, IPC-Stiftung Mercator Fellow, SWP, Berlin & Analyst, Center for Economics and Foreign Policy Studies (EDAM), Istanbul

Dr. Amer Al Sabaileh, Director of Middle East Media Policies Institute (MEMPSI), Jordan

Moderation: Dr Canan Atilgan, Director, Regional Program, Political Dialogue South Mediterranean, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Tunis

11.45Closing remarks

12.00End of conference


Dr. Susanne Conrad

Susanne Conrad (2021)

Desk Officer for Law and Security Sub-Saharan Africa +49 30 26996-3471
Opening Session: Gilles de Kerchove, Sabina Woelkner, Thomas Renard
Audience of the conference
Dr Amer Al Sabaileh, Speaker
Panel discussion: Dr Amer Al Sabaileh, Dr Canan Atilgan, Dr Emna Ben Arab, Dr Can Kasapoglu
Conference room at the Egmont Palace