Event Reports

KAS and Partner WAD celebrate Otjozondjupa Field Day and Graduation

by Anna Wasserfall
80 young graduates celebrate their achievements of the capacity training in different fields of expertise

On the 20.09., 80 young Namibians from Otjozondjupa region celebrated, together with their families, representatives of the Foundation, long-term partner Women's Action for Development(WAD), Deputy Minister of Industrialization, Trade and SME Development Lucia Iipumbu and many other government representatives from the region, the completion of their vocational training program and the handover of their training certificates. The previously unemployed participants were trained in the fields of needle work and tailoring, IT, office administration as well as hospitality and tourism. Besides that, the event celebrated the fact that some of the graduates managed to find employment immediately after completing the training.

WAD has been the implementation partner of these vocational trainings for rural youth since many years. The objective of the vocational training is to equip young people without formal training with qualifications that allow them to access the Namibian labor market. Thomas W. Keller, KAS Resident Representative for Namibia-Angola emphasized on the special relationship between KAS and WAD: “We are a political foundation close to the Christian Democratic Party in Germany and we share the same values: Human rights, multiparty approach, gender equality and social market economy. We don't do this alone, we always partner. Without WAD allowing us to contribute, our work would not be possible".

Before the proud graduates received their certificates, representatives of the foundation, WAD and the government delivered motivational speeches. Josephine Mutenda, Regional Director of Education of the Otjozundjupa Region, underlined the self-responsibility of the graduates as well as the need to take initiative: "Now is the time to open your mind as graduates. Ask yourselves: What am I capable of? What are my strengths? What do I want to be? You should not keep that paper with you for a year, then there is a problem. Go out and unleash what you have acquired, showcase your potential, don't wait for anyone else to unlock it. Graduates, you have contributed to the status of education. You made us proud, it's time to market yourself!"

The program was supported by cultural presentations of the / Gaio-Daman Culture Group and the GK Wahl Combined School Cultural Group. The event ended with an official group photo of all participants and official representatives. A detailed three-page media coverage with further excerpts of the speeches can be found in "The Namibian" newspaper of 25.09.2018.