Tackling a global problem with transnational solutions – terrorism and the United Nations

The german federal academy of security policy in the KAS New York office

The core seminar of the German Federal Agency of Security Policy will meet with an internationally recognized expert on counter-terrorism, Dr. David Scharia, in the KAS New York office to dicuss the strategy of the United Nations to fight terrorism.


As the Chief of Branch at the Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (CTED) of the United Nations Security Council, Dr. Scharia heads a large group of international experts, monitoring states' implementation of necessary measures and advising the Security Council Counter Terrorism Committee on related matters. The branch under his leadership covers different areas including legal and criminal justice responses, financing of terrorism, law enforcement as well as border control and terrorists' use of technologies and the internet.

The audience consists of thirty German ecurity experts with various backgrounds from the military, business and scientific community. They are the participants of this years core seminar of the German Federal Academy of Security Policy (“Bundesakademie für Sicherheitspolitik”), the most high-ranking German federal security course, consisting of an interdisciplinary three month-long program in Europe and the US.

Dr. Scharia will focus in his speech on the different organizations involved in the transnational fight against terrorism. Furthermore he will explain how the global implementation of effective counter-terrorism measures is promoted by the United Nations. After the speech the audience will have time to ask questions and discuss with the speaker.

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