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Peacebuilding in rural Africa: KAS NY Interview

Helen Kezie-Nwoha, Executive Director at the Kampala based Women's International Cross-Cultural Exchange(Isis-WICCE) in an interview with Dr. Stefan Friedrich, Director of KAS NY
Helen Kezie-Nwoha Interview

Isis-WICCE, a global women's organisation in Africa, is committed to fairness, equality and justice in all human relationships. Using various strategies, including the exchange of skills and experiences, the documentation of women's lives, information sharing and networking, Isis-WICCE promotes the empowerment of women, and the flow of information and ideas leading to gender sensitivity and equal opportunities at all levels.

Mrs. Kezie-Nwoha is the Executive Director of Isis Women’s International Cross Cultural Exchange in Uganda. She holds a Masters in Gender and International Development (University of Warwick) and Master of Business Administration (Ahmadu Bello University). Mrs. Kezie-Nwoha has previously worked with organizations such as ABANTU for Development, the UN Commission on the Status of Women, the African Union Peace and Security Department such as national governments (South Sudan, DRC and Uganda) and Bread for the World. Her areas of expertise include Gender Norms, Reproductive Policy, Women’s Participation in Post Conflict Reconstruction and Women’s Rights.