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Visit of Tilman Kuban and a delegation of the Junge Union of Germany to Stockholm and Helsinki

by Gabriele Baumann, Richard Forsén

Report and pictures from delegation's Stockholm visits on the 20th of February 2020

Summary of the visit to Stockholm and Helsinki by a delegation from the Junge Union of Germany headed by Junge Union chairman Tilman Kuban.

A delegation from the Junge Union of Germany headed by JU-chairman Tilman Kuban visited Stockholm and Helsinki in February.


Besides meeting the partner parties of the CDU, the delegation was also especially interested in the the current status of labor market policy and digitalization in the Nordic countries.


The delegation's discussion with the head whip of the Moderate party Tobias Billström and labor market policy experts from Moderaterna focused on the ongoing negotiations over the financing of the new EU budget in Brussels in light of European Commission initiatives such as the European Green Deal and EU agricultural and regional budgets. The visit at the Moderate Riksdag office also touched upon the mutual challenges of Sweden and Germany when it comes to integrating asylum seekers into their respective labor markets.


A visit at the corporate HQ of Ericsson in Kista chaired by Ericsson Vice President and Head of Government and Industry Relations Ulf Pehrsson highlighted the security ramifications of the unprecedented global integration of strategic infrastructure and vital industries due to the ongoing 5G roll-out.

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