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Disinformation in online media – Practices and solutions


The Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS), in cooperation with the Association of Journalists of Macedonia (AJM) is organizing workshop on improving journalists’ skills related to disinformation in online media, which will be held in Strumica from 02 to 04 March 2023.

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Disinformation in the online media
Disinformation in the online media

The workshop entitled "Disinformation in online media - Practices and solutions" will be led by two experienced trainers, Toshe Ognjanov and Sefer Selimi, who will discuss the topic in detail using practical examples. In addition, Goran Momirovski will give examples from the local context as a guest lecturer from local online media.

The event will be opened by the Official representative of KAS, Daniel Braun, and the President of AJM, Mladen Chadikovski.

Misinformation spread in online media and social media in general is a problem that must be solved by consensus between users and providers of these services. Nevertheless, it is necessary to prevent the distortion of information in social media without compromising freedom of expression, one of the indispensable elements of democracy.

The aim of this workshop is to share practices and experiences that will help to better identify these negative trends in the future, as well as to offer constructive suggestions and solutions to avoid them.

The workshop is aimed for young but also for experienced journalists working in online media.

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2400 Strumica
North Macedonia



  • Toshe Ognjanov
    • Trainer – Multimedia journalist
  • Sefer Selimi
    • Trainer - Democracy Lab
  • Goran Momiroski


Disinformation in online media – Practices and solutions: Workshop
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