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Education and Culture

Education and Culture

Foundation for Personal Development and Social Participation


We must never forget: Every tree is planted small!

Konrad Adenauer, 1962

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At a glance

  • Education is central for participation in society and shaping public life. It promotes the modernisation of society through innovations, which in turn increase social prosperity.
  • In democratic societies, art and culture create spaces for debate and discourse. They open up new perspectives on relevant topics and are the foundation for our own creativity.
  • We not only observe current trends and developments in the areas of education and culture, but also create spaces for encounter and interdisciplinary dialogue with our events and training programmes.
  • Political education is part of our mission. In order to do justice to this, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung dedicates itself to democracy day in and day out and imparts basic political and economic knowledge in its educational forums and regional offices.



1. New perspectives on the world

2. Key issues of our time

3. Expertise for politics and society

4. Political education is part of our mission

5. Our offers and projects on the topic

6. Publications, events and media contributions on the topic


New perspectives on the world

Education and culture are an integral part of human life. They play a key role for both our individual development and for society as a whole. They enable self-realisation, bring people together and create a common basis for understanding. Education and culture connect people and open up new perspectives on the world.


Key issues of our time

Education creates the conditions that empower people to harness their individual opportunities, enable them to participate in society, and actively shape public life. It promotes innovation that gives rise to social and technological progress and increases social prosperity.

Art and culture open up new perspectives, reflect socio-political debates, and create a sounding board for dealing with reality. They create the foundation of our own creativity and further development. Art and culture are free and offer stimulation, food for thought and identity for democratic societies.


Expertise for politics and society

We closely follow current developments in the fields of education and culture, examine socio-political effects together with relevant experts, and develop recommendations for action for politics. We offer spaces for encounter, exchange and further education, where education and cultural policy issues are discussed and debated in small and large groups. We encourage discussions on education and culture, while also promoting free and interdisciplinary dialogue.


Political education is part of our mission

Democracy cannot be taken for granted, but needs to brought to life every day. As a result, the 18 political education forums and regional offices of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung impart basic knowledge in politics and economics across Germany, so as to enable citizens to responsibly and actively stand up for democracy. Each year, we organise some 1500 events in over 400 locations. While also providing various digital seminars, workshops and events.

In conjunction with overarching themes, we address features and debates that are specific to a region. Whether analogue or digital, around 140,000 people take part in our events each year.

Our offers and projects on the topic

Event series

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung’s range of events are particularly diverse in the cultural sphere. In addition to honouring important persons from the field of art and culture, we speak to cultural workers in different formats, facilitate exchange, thus providing a forum for the presentation of interesting works and excerpts from artists.



With the “Homage”, each year the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung honours an outstanding personality in German-speaking culture. In doing so, we place a focus on creative people who shape or have shaped our artistic and cultural life over the long-term. Those who have been honoured so far include renowned artists such as Barrie Koksy, Candida Höfer or Christo.


Learn more about the homage

Berlin Dialogue on Cultural Policy


The Berlin Dialogue on Cultural Policy (former The Potsdam Dialogue on Cultural Policy) is a conference series held in autumn each year. Together with experts from culture, politics and associations, we discuss current topics pertaining to cultural policy.


Learn more about the Berlin Dialogue on Cultural Policy

Cultural Histories


In this series of talks, artists speak about diversity and tolerance in Germany. They talk about their biography, their artistic work, and reflect on issues of culture and identity.


Learn more about the Cultural Histories

studio online


Our virtual readings, renowned writers present their work, and speak with our literary consultants about their literary work.


Learn more about “studio online”


Seminar, didactic and scholarship offers

Funding scholarship holders is one of the core tasks of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung. However, we not only support artists financially, but also help them to present their work in exhibitions as well as art and cultural projects. Our Adenauer Campus learning platform will provide you with exciting content from the field of civic education throughout the year. Specific measures for further education are offered by the DigitalAkademie, the KommunalAkademie and the Women’s Council, too.

Scholarships and Support for Artists


The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung awards working scholarships in the areas of visual arts, literature and composition. Through exhibitions, we regularly present the artists at the Academy of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and in rooms of cooperating galleries.


Learn more about Support for Artists

“Digital Education” on Our Adenauer Campus Learning Platform


Our Adenauer Campus digital learning platform is fully dedicated to the topic of “digital education”, which has attracted increasing public attention in the wake of the Corona pandemic. We use our own innovative projects to show what digital (civic) education of the present and future might look like.


Learn more about what the Adenauer Campus has to offer

Local Political Education Services


On our “Local Politics in Germany” webpage, we combine and connect local political expertise and address various target groups with broad-ranging educational services – from pupils to citizens interested in local politics through to local decision-makers in politics and administration. We look forward to your interest!


Learn more about Local Political Education Services



With the offers of our DigitalAkademie, we want to impart pupils and teachers with skills in how to deal with digital media. The contents of Pupil and Teacher Academies range from digital self-organisation, foundational knowledge on rights and obligations online, extremism prevention, recognising and dealing with fake news, and the use of digital learning and teaching methods, right through to the digital orientation of the entire school.


Learn more about services offered by the DigitalAkademie

Women’s Council


Women continue to be under-represented in politics, business and society. For this reason, with the Women’s Council, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung provides a nationwide seminar programme just for women. With our multifaceted events, we would like to embolden women to position themselves well and take responsibility.


Learn more about the Women’s Council


Podcasts and publication projects

In the following overview, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung presents you with current podcasts and publication projects on educational and cultural topics, such as the “KUNST-STÜCK” culture podcast or the position papers of our Science Network.

KUNST:STÜCK – The Culture Podcast


We talk to scholarship holders of the EHF 2010 Artist Support Programme about visual arts, literature, and music. What does their art tell us about our world? How did they become what they are today? Each episode will include a discussion with creative people from our Artist Support Programme.


Learn more about the “KUNST-STÜCK” culture podcast

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung’s Science Network


The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung’s Science Network is an independent expert committee with renowned personalities from the scientific world. It develops statements on current and fundamental issues of science and higher education policy, and publishes them in the form of position papers.


Learn more about publications of the Science Network



The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung’s portfolio also encompasses the regular bestowal of awards. Every year, the literature prize is thus awarded in the cultural field to distinguish authors who “lend a voice to freedom.”

Literature Prize


The literature prize is annually awarded to authors who advocate for human freedom and dignity, and whose works testify to political-social significance and aesthetic-literary quality. The award was initiated by Dr Bernhard Vogel and is presented each year in Weimar. Hans Pleschinski, Husch Josten and Mathias Énard are among the prize winners.


Find out more about the Literature Prize

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Dr. Melanie Piepenschneider


Department Head, Department Civic Education 030 26996 -3576 030 26996 -53576

Dr. Hans-Jörg Clement


Deputy Head of Department | Team Leader Culture +49 30 26996-3221

Felise Maennig-Fortmann

Felise Maennig-Fortmann bild

Education and University Policy +49 30 26996 3768
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December 7, 2021
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July 13, 2021
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TINCON / Gregor Fischer / flickr / CC BY-ND 2.0
March 4, 2020
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Publications, events and media contributions on the topic

Our contributions are as wide-ranging and multifaceted as the topic itself!

Whether it's an expert interview, specialist publication or hot debate - click through and you're guaranteed to find the right format for you!

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Publications to the topic

Analyse und Argumente: adobe stock / VectorMine

AI methods for specific challenges in education

Enabling effective support and challenge

Online, offline oder beides? Umfragemethoden im Praxistest Collage: Stafeeva, (people); KAS

Online, offline or both?

Practical test of survey methods – which survey method delivers trustworthy, representative results?


Eine Frage von Bildung?

Sicherheitspolitik und Militär als Themen in den Schulen

Hochschulen im internationalen Wettbewerb Header Adobe Stock / zimmytws

German Universities in International Comparison

Challenges and Need for Action

platzhalter06_rotZfPGRK DPM

Technoide Seelenschau

Der Weltraum als Projektionsfläche in der Science-Fiction


Guilty Pleasures?

Susanna und die Alten ... Meister

platzhalter08_grauweißDPM DPM

Überlegenheit verpflichtet

Autorität und Autoritätszerfall politischer Eliten

platzhalter09_grauweißZfPGRK DPM

Gehorsame Rebellen

Der „autoritäre Charakter“ in der Gesellschaft ohne Zentrum

Künstliche Intelligenz Pixabay Geralt

ChatGPT in der Schule.

Künstliche Intelligenz als Herausforderung für den Unterricht

Labor Adobe-Stock / NDABCREATIVITY

Science is inherently competitive

Interview with Prof. Dr. Gregor Bucher: How can the framework conditions be improved through tenure track, permanent positions and funding?

platzhalter06_rotZfPGRK DPM

Alarmierender Niveauverlust

Noch mehr Bildungsverlierer durch Lehrermangel?

platzhalter05_rotDPM DPM


Unzureichende akademische Ausbildung als Nachteil für Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft

Bibliothek Adobe Stock / katatonia

Responsible staffing policies at universities – For the Promotion of Young Scientists

Interview with Prof. Dr. Michael Sommer: What helps scientists in early career phases?

Header für Kurzum Kitaqualität memento_jpeg/ Adobe Stock

The quality of early childhood education is what counts

Pedagogical quality of early childhood education as central factor for educational equality

Frau im Labor Adobe Stock / Seventyfour

Perspectives in science: On the question of good working conditions for doctoral students & postdocs

Interview with Prof. Dr. Björn Schumacher: What framework conditions do scientists need in early career phases?

KAS CEM Meeting 02-05-2023

Scholars of KAS Media Programme SEE visit the Bulgarian Council for Electronic Media in Sofia

WTO Leporello Emphase – Graphic Design Lab / Lausanne, Bern.

Leporello: World Trade Organization (WTO)

The World Trade Organization in short

platzhalter11_graurotDPM DPM

Wendungen des Fortschrittsbegriffs

Eine bürgerliche Zukunftsperspektive

platzhalter06_rotZfPGRK DPM

Mut zur Lücke

Über die neue Faszination des Fragments


Integriertes Wissen

Aufgaben der Wissenschaftsakademien für Politik und Gesellschaft

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Events on the topic






Der Literarische Salon
Lesungen der etwas anderen Art - moderiert von Navid Kermani und Guy Helminger






Online-Lehrerfortbildung der DigitalAkademie Frühjahr 2024
in Kooperation mit der Klett MEX.



Frauen, die die Welt bewegen – Spurensuche in Berlin
Studienseminar für Frauen



Social Media: Videos für Instagram und TikTok erstellen
Seminar zur Politischen Kommunikation

Event Reports on the topic

Event Reports on the topic

Titelfoto KAS-Bremen

Literaturvormittage im Haus Kreienhoop

Schulexkursionen zu Autor Walter Kempowski


Welche Erinnerung hat Zukunft?

Dr. Ilko-Sascha Kowalczuk im Gespräch mit Prof. Monika Grütters MdB

Von Visionen und Veränderungen

Bertram Flecks neue Wege für den ländlichen Aufschwung

Bücherempfehlungen Cover 2023

Lichter in Krisenzeiten

Bücher der KAS-Literaturpreisträger zu Weihnachten 2023

Berliner Gespräch zur Kulturpolitik-0177

Berliner Gespräch zur Kulturpolitik mit Kultursenator Joe Chialo

„Wir müssen resilient werden.“

23-09-19 Titelbild

Lutz Seiler in Lesung und Gespräch

In Kooperation mit dem Literaturhaus Leipzig e. V.

Jonathan Grunwald MdL und Moderatorin Elke Tonscheidt Martin Reuber

Zukunft der Schule

Lehren und Lernen neu denken

Schule ohne Lehrkräfte?

Probleme, Lösungsansätze und Zukunftsperspektiven

Praxisbörse (mit dem Hinweis auf das Stipendium 2) (A)

„Die KAS bei der Praxisbörse“

Am 15. Juni 2023 war das Politische Bildungsforum der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung auf der Praxisbörse der Uni Bremen vertreten.

P1160644 A (1)

Gesellschaftsjahr bzw. ChancenZeit: Segen oder Last?

Schulveranstaltung in der Wilhelm-Kaisen-Oberschule

Wie steht es um die Bildungspolitik?

Wie steht es um die Bildungspolitik?

Diskussion zur aktuellen Bildungspolitik und dem Lehramt der Zukunft

Maryam Zaree und Michel Abdollahi KAS

Wie ist es in einem der berüchtigsten Gefängnisse der Welt geboren worden zu sein?

Maryam Zaree zu Gast in der Reihe kulturgeschichten

Noll, Standop, Tricot 1 Martin Reuber

Fluch oder Segen für die Zukunft der Bildung in Deutschland und Frankreich?

Digitale Lernformen im deutsch-französischen Vergleich

"Die Freiheit der Kunst als demokratische Verpflichtung?"

"Talk im Bahnhof" unter der Schirmherrschaft von Ansgar Heveling MdB

Bild zur VA Bildung 02.2023

„Leistungsprinzip & Bildungspolitik“

Podiumsdiskussion zu Zustand und Zukunft der Schulbildung in Bremen

Screenshot von Fake News im internet

Diskussion über Hate Speech und Fake News – Eine Stipendiatin erzählt vom Seminar

Wie umgehen mit der neuen Debattenkultur im Netz. Dieser Frage stellten sich 18 Teilnehmende eines Aufbauseminars

Ulrike Draesner und Prof. Dr. Michael Braun KAS

Nebelkinder und starke Frauen

Ulrike Draesner erzählt im studio online vom weiblichen Gesicht des Krieges

Tiefe Einblicke in das Judentum bei der Besichtigung der Synagoge KAS BW

Jüdisches Leben in Stuttgart – eine Spurensuche


Im Auge des Betrachters?

Veranstaltungsbilder zur Referendarfortbildung Januar 2023 Lina Berends, Irène Mahano

Mensch - Natur - Technik. Herausforderungen für angehende Lehrerinnen und Lehrer



Media library

Erststimme #91: Barbara Schock-Werner
Wir sprechen mit der ehemaligen Kölner Dombaumeisterin Barbara Schock-Werner über die Bedeutung des Welterbes für Gegenwart und Zukunft einer Gesellschaft.
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Facebook Live: Demokratiebildung - Aufgabe für Familie, Schule und Gesellschaft!?
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How to increase the participation and representation of young people in the EU policymaking process?
In this episode we discuss youth participation and youth representation in the EU policy-making process.
Erststimme #72: Daniel Jung
Zukunft der Bildung
Wir sprechen mit dem Bildungsexperten und Bildungs-Influencer Daniel Jung über die Zukunft der Bildung, wo neue Medien beim Lernen & Lehren helfen ...
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Foto: Pixabay
Gesellschaftliches Engagement für gutes und gesundes Leben!
Reden wir über Familie – Der Feierabendtalk
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#17 “Young Voices - Perceptions on the EU’s global engagement” - Kyrgyzstan - (part 2/2)
In this episode, Begimai Bekbolotova, EUCAM (Europe-Central Asia Monitoring) Fellow from Kyrgyzstan. Produced as a cooperation with the European Neighbourhood Council.
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💡 #16 “Young Voices - Perceptions on the #EU’s global engagement” - Kyrgyzstan - (part 1/2)
In this episode, Begimai Bekbolotova, EUCAM (Europe-Central Asia Monitoring) Fellow. Produced as a cooperation with the European Neighbourhood Council.
Expert interview with Felise Maennig-Fortmann and Dr. Robert Lohmann on digital education
The Corona pandemic has brought to light a number of shortcomings in the education infrastructure, most notably the poor digitization of our schools.
Saradnja sa Univerzitetom u Beogradu
Novi direktor Fondacije Konrad Adenauer posetio fakultet političkih nauka
U razgovoru je bilo reči o dosadašnjoj uspešnoj saradnji ali i o njenom proširenju i novim zajedničkim aktivnostima.
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The 15th Ecumenical Social Week
Wandering Identity: Considering Meanings and Values
Annual International Forum will take place on October, 3 – 7, 2022 in Lviv. Register to take part in discussions about the meanings and values that Ukraine and the world are living ...
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