The Philippine Network of Local Government Integrity Circles (LoGIC)

On October 28, the Partnerships for Integrity and Jobs will gather 60 Philippine LGUs - Provinces, Cities and Municipalities from all parts of the country to create a countrywide Local Government Integrity Circles Network (LoGIC).


During the years 2014 to 2016 more than 60 Philippine LGUs have analysed their administrative procedures and have designed customized “Integrity and Investment Promotion Mechanisms” which are now implemented step by step in the respective LGUs with the monitoring and consulting report of multi-stakeholder Integrity Circles. These Integrity Circles, consisting of leading civil servants of the LGU, local business representatives and civil society representatives, are institutionalized through council decisions or executive orders and are considered as key tools for sustainable efforts to build up a culture of integrity with involvement of the citizens of the locality beyond the short legislative terms of the respective governors and mayors.

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