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Spotlight on Sudan: Roads to Economic Reform

October 2021

For this October edition of Spotlight on Sudan, Harry Cross examines the economic challenges faced by Sudan and reviews the current economic policies amidst a fragile democratic transition.

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النسخة العربية متوفرة هنا

Sudan has, for years, faced multiple economic crises, including a huge budget deficit, extensive international sanctions under al-Bashir and widespread shortages of essential goods and soaring prices of bread and other essential staples. An economic situation that has led to the overthrow of al-Bashir and has continued since, and even worsened because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sudan strives to make progress as it is trying to reach global markets and attract investment, but vigilance is required as the country has been witnessing a fragile democratic transition. Earlier this year, Sudan succeeded in paving the way for enormous relief on more than $50bn in foreign debt by implementing rapid economic reforms, unlocking access to international financing.

Against this backdrop, the Regional Program Political Dialogue South Mediterranean of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS PolDiMed) aims to map-out Sudan’s economic policies in this edition of Spotlight on Sudan. The report highlights the major internal and external factors that have been shaping the economic landscape of Sudan. 

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Dr. Thomas Volk


Director KAS office Israel


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