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Political Stalemate in Libya

Scenarios and Strategies for 2024

On March 7th, 2024, KAS PolDiMed hosted a one-day conference in Tunis called "Political Stalemate in Libya: Scenarios and Strategies for 2024." The main focus was to delve into various potential scenarios and strategies concerning Libya's political direction in 2024.

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"On March 7th, 2024, in Tunis, a one-day conference titled "Political Stalemate in Libya: Scenarios and Strategies for 2024" had a twofold objective: firstly, to explore viable scenarios and strategies for Libya's political future in 2024, and secondly, to contribute insights relevant to broader international efforts, particularly those aimed at establishing a feasible roadmap for fair elections. The conference comprised three key sessions: Session 1 provided an update on the political and electoral processes in Libya, deliberating on the merits of forming a new government versus proceeding with elections. Session 2 addressed the primary challenges impeding Libya's political settlement, with a focus on security and foreign interference.
In Session 3, titled "Lessons learned," critical aspects such as the commitment to electoral results, the legitimacy and international recognition of a new government, and the role of the international community were examined. 

Finding a workable solution for Libya to navigate its present deadlock poses a formidable challenge. However, looking ahead, we are resolute in our commitment to leveraging the insights gained from our discussions. We will actively foster inclusive dialogues within Libya, striving to build consensus and identify shared objectives. Our focus will be on promoting constructive dialogue and facilitating pathways towards stability and reunification."

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Karim Gharsallaoui

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