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International Summer School on Climate Change

Climate Adaptation Summer School in South Asia

KAS RECAP, the Consortium of South Asian Think Tanks (COSATT) and Kathmandu University will organize a Climate Adaptation Summer School on 4-9 December 2023. It aims to raise awareness, engage and train young people in South Asia in the areas of climate adaptation and disaster management.

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Climate change is a pressing global issue that affects every region of the world, but its impacts are particularly severe in South Asia. These impacts are already affecting millions of people and ecosystems in various ways, and they are projected to worsen in the coming decades if mitigation and adaptation measures are not implemented in the region. Rising temperatures, changing monsoon patterns, glacier melting, sea level rise, extreme weather events, health impacts, food security, displacement and migration are some of the key impacts of climate change in South Asia. SAARC Countries are at the forefront of the climate induced disasters – whether they are glacial lake outburst floods or sea-level rise and drought.


The South Asia Climate Change Education Summer School aims to educate and empower the youth of South Asia with practical knowledge about climate change and its implications in the region. This program will provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the science, impacts, and solutions related to climate change, enabling them to become informed advocates and future leaders in addressing this critical issue.



Limited free slots are made available for South Asian students and scholars interested in environmental science, renewable energy, and climate change. All costs for traveling and accommodation will be covered.


How To Apply

The application form can be downloaded on the right side of this website. Please send the completed application form to Dr. Frederick Kliem at


Deadline of Application

Tuesday, 14 November 2023

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