Event Reports

Dr. Peter Hefele and Thomas Helm visit Astana Solar

by Johannes Vogel
The director of the Regional Programme Energy Security and Climate Change in Asia and Pacific of KAS, Dr. Peter Hefele, and the head of the KAS country office in Kazakhstan, Thomas Helm, visited the first Kazakh solar panel company Astana Solar in Astana.

The director of Astana Solar, Vyacheslav K. Sovetskyi, welcomed both representatives of KAS. After visiting the manufacturing site for solar panels, there was an intensive discussion about Kazakhstan's strategy towards a broader use of renewable energies (RE). The current share of RE is around 1 per cent, but shall be increased to 30 per cent in 2030. To promote the further expansion of RE, maintenance capacities, especially in rural areas, have to be built up. This provides a lot of opportunities for Kazakh-German exchange in vocational training programmes, too.

Astana Solar