Country Reports

Short political reports of the KAS offices abroad

Romania's "Small Reform" of the Judicial System

Report available only in German

After EU's critical reports published this year, Romanian independent Minister of Justice Catalin Marian Predoiu initialized a so-called "small reform" of the judicial system. In the latest report of the KAS-RLPSEE, you can find out more on the content of this reform and on the latest developments in the Romanian justice system.

The Short History of the Romanian Lustration Law

The Rule of Law Program South East Europe of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung released a country report on the Romanian Lustration Law. Entitled "A Short History of the Romanian Lustration Law", the report deals with general information regarding lustration in Romania, the provision of the Law and the relation between lustration and the constitutional adjudication. For more information, you can download the document here.

The Current Status of the Romanian National Integrity Agency

Timeline and developments

Short report on the developments regarding the Romanian National Integrity Agency, as off July 2nd, 2010.

Independence of the Justice System in Romania and Dealing with the Past

On the election of the new president of Romania's Superior Council of Magistracy - A report

On the 11th of January 2010 the members of Romania's Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) elected Judge Florica Bejinariu as the new president of the self-governing body of the justice system. According to the constitution, the Council has the mandate to guarantee the independence of the justice system. The election was harshly critizised by legal professional associations, but also prominent non-governmental organisations because of the collaboration of the judge with the former Romanian state security service, Securitate. More on this subject in our report (only in German).

Integrity Agency With Integrity Issues?

An analysis of recent developments regarding the work of the National Integrity Agency and National Integrity Council

In the past several months, post-accession monitoring in Romania has been focused, for good reason, on the financial crisis of the Romanian justice system. As a result, important developments regarding the work of the National Integrity Agency, in particular the challenges to the credibility of ANI and the National Integrity Council, have received too little public attention. The remaining shortcomings regarding the work of these institutions are manifold and complex. Therefore, a closer look at recent developments with regard to their work is justified.

What Is Left of the Fight against Corruption in Romania?

A Critical Analysis in Light of the Recent Parliament Elections

December 9 marks the date on which awareness for a global phenomenon is raised world-wide. The talk is about corruption. Corruption undermines the institutions and values of democracy, ethical values and justice and jeopardizes sustainable development and the rule of law (UN Convention against Corruption).

Different Signals for the Opening of Criminal Law Investigation against High-Ranking Politicians

Red Light for Nastase (PSD) and Mitrea (PSD), Green Light for Seres (PC) and Pacuraru (PNL)

On 3rd of September, the Romanian Parliament is going back to work. However, the parliamentarians of the Carpatian country have not been idle during the summer break: the members of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate had to decide in extracurricular sessions on 13th and 16th of August, whether they will withdraw the immunity of four current and former ministers, thus enabling criminal law investigation on suspicion of high-ranking corruption.

Fight against Corruption – The Problem Child of the Carpatian Country

Also in the second year after EU accession, Romania is only proceeding slowly in the fight against corruption

The topic of „fight against corruption“ has been ruling the public agenda in Romania for several years. Its accession to the European Union (EU) on 1 January 2007 has not changed anything in this respect. To the contrary: since Romania’s EU accession, the fight against corruption has been occupying national and international media, politics, economy, lawyers and civil society to a hitherto unknown extent.

Habemus Ministrum Justitiae!

39 year old business lawyer has been appointed new Minister of Justice in Romania.

In Romania, after almost two months of controversy and tensions between the two heads of the Executive, the Prime-Minister and the President, regarding the person to fill the office of the Minister of Justice, agreement has been reached on the nomination of Cătălin-Marian Predoiu, a commercial lawyer. You find more background information on his nomination in the following report.

Prosecution of Political Corruption - Green-Lighted in Romania?

Debate has re-ignited in new EU member state Romania about the prosecution of former and current ministers under suspicion of political corruption.