Podcast about the rule of law in the age of digitalization

Rule of Law Rules

In our new podcast "Rule of Law Rules" we talk to international experts about opportunities and challenges for human rights in the digital age.
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Meeting with One World Romania

The KAS RLPSEE handed over a full set of equipments for outdoor side-events and film screenings to the One World Romania International Human Rights and Documentary Film Festival
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Recently, this publication was published at C.H.Beck.

900 Days of uninterrupted siege upon the Romanian Judiciary

The first printed copies ave been handed over to Judge Dragos Calin, Co-President of the Romanian Judges Association FJR.
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AI and ethics in concrete application contexts

“From Principle to Paradigm”

The development of AI is progressing and the call for regulating algorithms is getting louder. Antonio Bikiæ analyses the problem and suggests to use the precautionary principle.
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A pretext to strengthen the PSRM

Belated lustration in the Republic of Moldova

The draft law for a lustration, in its current form, will further strengthen the politicization of civil service and take the wind out of the sails of efforts to fight corruption.
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Westbalkan Botschafterkonferenz in Berlin

Die Zukunft der Erweiterungspolitik und die transatlantische Partnerschaft

Unter strengen Hygienevorschriften fand im Rahmen der deutschen EU-Ratspräsidentschaft am 7. September die 5. Westbalkan-Botschafterkonferenz der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung statt.
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to the Rule of Law Programme South East Europe of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung! The RLP SEE wishes to contribute to the development and solidification of an efficient legal order that is in accordance with the fundamental principles of the rule of law and as such both a core element of a democratic system, and a prerequisite for accession to the EU.

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