Expert conference

Conference "Rule of Law Checklist Montenegro"

Centre for Democracy and Human Rights / RLPSEE

At the event "Rule of Law Checklist for Montenegro", first of all one of the authors, Mr. Milorad Markovíc will present the work "Rule of Law Checklist for Montenegro" published in 2020. This analysis deals with the rule of law structures of the EU accession candidate Montenegro. The basis for this study is the "Rule of Law Checklist" of the Venice Commission, which was structured and adapted by Dr. Mahir Muharemovic of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. The focus of the analysis is to examine the practical implementation of rule of law criteria in Montenegro. After the presentation of the publication, high-ranking Montenegrin legal experts and representatives of the judiciary will discuss challenges to the rule of law in Montenegro in the second part of the event. The conference takes place in Podogorica and online ( zoom:
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