Leaders for Justice 2018-Team Leading and Team-work. The Tale of I Do vs. We Do

Second training session

The second training session of the 2018 edition of the leadership programme for young Romanian law practitioners took place from 15 until 18 February in Sibiel, Sibiu county.


The main subject addressed during the four day training was teamwork, led by trainers Mihai Dragoi and Marian Stas. The training session concluded with a master class on team leading and working as a team in the public administration with a special focus on integrity and ethics as key values, held by Marian Panait, city manager in Sinaia and Codru Vrabie, trainer LfJ.

Second training session within the programme “Leaders for Justice 2018”.

Topic: “Team Leading and Team-work. The Tale of I Do vs. We Do”.

It includes:

•Team-leading. Situational leadership (Trainer: Mihai Dragoi)

•Team leading and working in the public administration. Integrity and ethics as key values (Speakers: Marian Panait, Codru Vrabie)

•Team secret: inspiration and motivation (Trainer: Marian Stas)

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  • Mihai Drăgoi
    • Marian Staș
      • Marian Panait and Codru Vrabie

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