Communication Skills. Say It Better, Write It Better.

5th training session

The fifth training session within the Leaders for Justice 2012 -leadership program for Romanian junior jurists will take place in Sinaia and will focus on communication.


  • Justice reform and building public trust (Presentation Session): Most important reforms and strategies in the justice system; who is responsible for justice reform; making tough decisions and building consensus within the judiciary; public awareness and public trust about the functioning of the judiciary (Valeriu Stoica);
  • Communication and presentation skills (Training session): Students will improve rapport-building skills, will learn effective listening and questioning techniques, and increase their assertiveness. Students will be trained on how to master of the presenting arena, be it formal or informal, how to structure a presentation so it captures and holds an audience's attention and encouraging and handling questions (Cosmin Alexandru);
  • Good writing habits (Training session): Writing documents and arguments. From policy papers to executive summaries. Good writing habits: focus on clear purpose and meaning; deliver substance, clarity and structure(Cosmin Alexandru);
  • The persuasion toolkit of the leader (Training session): Students will learn to use specific persuasion techniques: sequential requests; evidence using; reframing (Cosmin Alexandru);

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Hanul Muresenilor, Sacele


  • Valeriu Stoica
    • Cosmin Alexandru

      Corina Rebegea

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