Leaders for Justice - Decision Making and Change Management. The Art of Sound Choices

3rd training session

The third training session within the Leaders for Justice 2012 - leadership program for Romanian junior jurists will take place in Brasov and will focus on decision making and change management.


The third trianing session within this years edition of the Leaders for Justice program contains:

  • Bringing change into the judiciary (Presentation Session)– hanging personal roles: from judges/NGO members to CSM membership; policy-making and reform in the judiciary; decision-making within CSM and gathering support from the judiciary (with Horatius Dumbrava, Cristi Danilet (confirmed), Adrian Neacsu, Alexandru Serban (t.b.c.);
  • Decision toolkit for legal professionals (Training session) Students will learn to use some common decision tools: Pareto analysis; decision tree; cost/benefit analysis (Mihai Drăgoi);
  • Planning for change – Training session: How to prepare, communicate and deal with change: understand people; understand the task; build the plans; encourage people to be agents of change (Mihai Drăgoi).

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Pensiunea Ursuletul, Predeal


  • Mihai Drăgoi
    • Horatius Dumbrava
      • Cristi Danileţ
        • Adrian Neacsu
          • Alexandru Serban (t.b.c.)

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            Project Coordinator

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